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Stepparent, Relative or Second Parent Home Study


The home study process in Texas for a stepparent, relative or second parent adoption is similar to a domestic adoption but in this type of home study, the child is usually identified and likely already in the home. The adopting parent could be a stepparent, grandparent, or other relative to the adoptive child or the partner of the natural parent.

In Texas a court may choose to waive an adoption evaluation also known as an adoption home study in certain circumstances for stepparent adoptions in Texas. Texas Adoption Home Studies can assist your family or your attorney with the report to present and file with  the court for this type of stepparent or second parent adoption in Texas.

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We will follow up with your family  or attorney to see if we can assist you with this type of report for a stepparent  or second parent adoption in Texas . You may also call us below about your stepparent, second parent or any type of adoption home study needed in Texas.