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Post Placement Services

The post placement period is the time after a child is placed into your home and before your adoption is completed. Texas Adoption Home Studies offers post placement services.

During the post placement process, we follow up with you and your child in schedule appointments and home visits to make sure you are adjusting well and have the support/resources that you need. We then prepare written reports about the adopted child.  Post Placement reports are sent either to the placing agency and/or attorney and state of adoption for domestic adoption cases or to the placing agency or child’s birth country for international cases.

The post-placement schedule and number of visits varies depending on the agency, state, or country.

For a domestic or relative adoption completed in Texas, standards require a child  to be in the home for a period of six months. Occasionally a court will waive this period. We have a network of home study specialists to complete this service throughout the state of Texas.