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A Texas Stepparent Adoption Home Study Can Be Waived!

The Texas Legislature passed a law that a court in Texas, can choose to waive the adoption home study also known as an adoption evaluation as a requirement for a stepparent adoption.

If your stepparent adoption is uncontested then a court may choose to waive the adoption evaluation, also known as the adoption home study. However, there needs to have been an alternative report filed with the court.

If you are seeking to waive the home study requirement for your stepparent adoption in Texas, or have approval from the court to waive the adoption home study , then Texas Adoption Home Studies, can provide you, your attorney or the court with a copy of this report to submit for this type adoption. Please contact us to find out more and we will follow up with your family or your attorney to see if we can help you with this type of stepparent or second parent adoption. You may also call us on our toll free number below!